Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pru Goodchurch and Flora wish you a most Happy & Pleasant Easter!

Flora, adored and pampered kitty that she is, has even donned her Easter bonnet and scarf.
I've put our 9th Annual "Heart of the Valley" Antiques Show to bed for this year. Thanks to all of you who were able to attend.
Now, I can get to the business of updating both my website and blog.

I'll be updating soon.



  1. Glorious Easter to you as well.

    ~Pru Goodchurch and Flora are just lovely!


  2. happy spring! Anne, I loved the yoyo quilt on your textile page, what is the history of those? -I had never seen those before, would they be sewn to a backing usually? where they mostly for dolls? ...I might make myself one, one day!!! (though i am not a doll)
    ...saw it here:

  3. Yo-yo quilts had their peak of poularity during the 1930's-'40's although there are a few earlier examples. Most did not have a backing and were usually placed on a bed over a solids color blanket. Usually they were quite colorful. The one you are referring to that is for sale on my web site is unusual in that it is monochromatic and done for a doll bed. I've seen a few other examples done for doll beds. Most did not survive as they rather fragile because they did not having a backing making child's play just a little rough for their delicate and very artful construction.
    Anne, The Cat Lady Antiques