Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off To New Hampshire for Americana Week......

I know I've been remiss in my job of posting, and for that I do apologize. Life has been so very hectic as of late.......Am just back from vacation on Cape Cod and am getting ready to leave for Manchester, New Hampshire and the exciting array of antiques shows that take place throughout the entire week.

I'll be doing Nan Gurley's Americana Celebration Show at the Deerfield, NH Fairgrounds. It opens on Tuesday morning, August 4 with "Early Buyers" at 8 AM. If you are planning to come to Antiques Week in New Hampshire, Nan's show is not one to be missed! I've been doing it for many years now, and I am always amazed at both the quality and affordability of antiques that are offered at this show. My booth is in the fourth or very last log cabin on the fairgrounds.

I'll be bringing several signed tow grain bags out of my personal collection as well as this fabulous Black Cat Hooked rug that was recently featured in Trish Herr's book on Southeastern PA hooked and sewn rugs. Notice the border of doves facing each other with the lone, large feline in the center surrounded by stars. What a graphic piece.

Shows Start on Monday with the famous "Pickers Market and continue throughout the week culminating in the original NADA Show on Thursday. It's a week filled with wonderful, quality antiques and is not to be missed. One can actually get "overload" if you can believe it so our plan has always been to do the shows in the morning and go to the beach or Portsmouth or the lower Maine coast in the late afternoons and evenings as a way to "wind down". It's sort of a win/win situation: antiques all week long with the beach and museums thrown in as extra perks. We work hard so therefore we play as hard, trying to jam as much as we can into this week that we usually come home exhausted.

Do stop in and say "hello" if you do attend. And for those of you who cannot, I'll try to report on the week when I get back.

I hope to see you in New Hampshire!