Monday, December 14, 2009

More Red at Christmas......Another Sneak Peek at the Shop

Just to whet your appetite...more reds from the shop.....The late 19th C doll and children's dresses (save one) are also from Sally Whittemore's estate. The apple green child's chair, the windsor green apple basket with red wool rag balls and the early candle lantern are all out of my house. The late 19th C cloth doll is from a New Jersey estate.
I'll be posting these things to my website soon......Christmas is coming.......
I'm trying my best in light of my computer crash!

Ah Christmas...A Sneak Peek......

Well, I've gone and done it again......another sock and mitten tree!! This time most of the socks and mittens were purchased from Sally Whittemore's estate. The sale was held this summer st Skinners in MA. I managed to sit on them until this season. Don't you just love the tree? I can't believe I was able to do one again this year.....I just love doing them up in cloth and clothing!
My intention was to offer them on the website but then the unthinkable happened: my computer crashed in a very big and very bad way. I lost all photos I had taken of all the wonderful things I was going to post to my site. It totally ruined my calendar and schedule, and I've been trying to play catch-up ever since.
I am now trying to work on my Christmas mailing to customers which, by the way, should have gone out the last week in November. But, alas, my address book was "locked" in an application that could not be accessed. It has finally been retrieved!
I am still trying to work on the web update as well, but with Christmas just around the corner and so many things yet undone, I'm not sure when it will post.
I will let everyone know when it happens.....Thanks for your emails asking about it...I appreciate your loyalty.