Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some of the things I'd like to talk about

As I mentioned previously, I'd like to be talking about the things that I both collect and sell, that tug at my heartstrings as well as my desire for knowledge of the past. Early Cloth dolls and animals are among my great loves. Cloth dolls are an adventure into the whimsical nature of their makers. Choosing them is purely a subjective matter- either they immediately win you, or they don't. I have had the privilege to own many in my lifetime, and am ever on the hunt for the next one. Criteria for choice is limitless. Facial features: inked, water-colored, hand-stitched, applied or none at all. Clothing: original or redressed. Body construction: homespun linen, cotton, striped ticking, calico...whatever mom had. They are as varied and original as snowflakes with no two ever being exactly alike. What matters most when collecting them is that you love them.

Over time I will post photos of various and sundry examples from my collection as well as those that I have sold. They are like old friends that one can never forget!

I'm trying to do several posting here tonight as a way to give you a sense of my ideas for this forum. I hope you will enjoy it.

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  1. I just love the old cloth dolls, it sets my mind wondering about the child it was made for, the mother who made it, who wore the clothes before they became passed down in doll form, who each subsequent owner of the doll was! I imagine mama sitting in poor gas or candle light after her child was in bed, working on a possible Christmas or Birthday surprise for her child with the only things she had to give her, fabrics from around the house and mama's ingenuity, creativity and love! A miracle that any of these have survived...must be due to love.